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About the Services Available

Consultation: I encourage clients to book a free consultation to review their particular needs to ensure they receive the proper care for their feet or hands.

Manicures & Pedicures 

CMP (Certified Master Pedicurist)®,  Advanced in-depth education to work with clients that have medical or chronic conditions that can cause their feet or hands to be severely dry, nails to be thick and brittle, sensitivity, numbness or require specialized care to prevent any possible abrasion to the skin.

Safe Salon Certification requires that my salon practice higher levels of sanitation using hospital-grade disinfection surfaces and stainless steel tools between clients and the use of disposable products and liners. These measures are taken to protect clients from bacteria or fungus transfer.

Pedicure Chair with Water Jets Soaking Basin: Pipeless water jets are the salon standard today. Each jet is dismantled, scrubbed and sanitized between clients. The Massage rollers built into the chair help you to sit back and relax during your pedicure.

Spa Bed: Any client may opt to complete their services using the spa bed. The spa bed can be lowered for ease of access and has adjustments to raise and lower the head, waist, and knee positions. Please let me know during your consultation or when you reserve that you would prefer this option.

Only High Quality Products for all Services 

Nail Brace System: For curvature of the nail. This very thin Brace is applied to the back of the nail bed and left to grow out with the nail creating a flatter nail. It's painless and nearly invisible.

Imperial Feet is an innovative Dutch brand specialized in quality foot care products formulated with natural ingredients that provide effective and proven results. Imperial Feet number one priority is to improve the overall quality of your life and aim to provide you with the ultimate foot care products. 

LCN Nail Reconstruction Gel is a specially formulated soak-off gel for direct application onto the skin to reconstruct a missing or damaged nail bed. It is sculpted to look like a natural nail and can be painted with polish or a gel color. Do all the things you normally do without concern it will pop off. Clients have had it last for several weeks and well beyond a month. Regular maintenance will make it last longer. It will eventually release and need to be replaced.

LCN Foot Care Products are specially formulated to soften even the most stubborn calluses. Take-home creams are available for purchase to help treat the skin between visits.

FootLogixcs  Footlogix® is the world’s first and only Pediceutical® foot care line offering innovative products that provide effective and transformational results.

Light Elegance Products: A Gel Product Line that is Hypo-Allergenic. I chose this line because it is one of a few lines that I am not allergic to. They offer a large selection of high-quality hard gel and soak-off gel products for many types of applications. 

The Angel Foot File: Made in the USA of 100% stainless steel. It does not cut or abrade the skin like other foot files and can be thoroughly cleaned, and disinfected.

" Please Be Aware" The Cheeze Grader Style Foot Files are not permitted for use in Maryland! "

Refer to Maryland State Board Web Site:

​Board Minutes:

IBX Nail Repair IBX works in the upper layers of the nail plate… Not just On Top, like traditional nail enhancement products.  IBX bonds to itself and not to the keratin in the nail plate… avoiding the brittleness that occurs with formaldehyde-based products. Upon curing, IBX forms an IPN (Interpenetrating Polymer Network) within the upper layers of the nail plate.  The IPN is what gives the nail the toughness to encourage natural nail growth or to protect the nail under Gel Polish. Nails that are peeling can be "Sealed" using IBX. 

Certified Swarovski Crystals : Providing Clients with a beautiful selection of Swarovski crystals to add a touch of glamour and sparkle.

Please note:

As of 2021 Swarovski will no longer be manufactured for sale to the general public.

- I do still have a large selection of loose crystals for nail art application and predesigned packs to choose from for that special occasion.

Check Out the Latest!

Light Elegance Collections

Amazing Gel Colors !

Spray Tan (service no longer provided)
I recommend the brand Aviva Spray Tan Solution:

Can be purchased online from different retailers.

Read all instructions to ensure good application.

Will easily wash out of fabrics. 

You can use a standard small spray bottle and always wear gloves to protect your hands from staining.

Hypoallergenic and Free of Alcohols, Oils, & Scents!

- Multiple Tanning Levels are Available for all Skin Tones.

Set Time: 8-12 hours (Only Rinse First Shower)

- Days Before Please remember to moisturize well, hydrate daily Prior to and after.

- Day of: lightly exfoliate all areas to be sprayed, dry skin well.

Do not apply anything to the skin.

(No Makeup, moisturizers, or Deodorants) please call or email if you have any questions.

- Spray onto gloves or skin and evenly spread.

You can dress as soon as its dry.

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