I am a Solo Nail Technician,

the best way to reach me is by Text or If you call.

Please leave a message and I will get back to you a soon as possible.

Let me know the service(s) you are interested in and the time and day you would be available.

Call or Text: 301-882-1315


Please Do Not Compare my Pricing or Services to another Salon or Spa.

  • Appointments are private and you are the only client in the spa during your service.

  • I Specialize in helping Clients to Restore their Feet and Toe Nails to a Healthier Condition, Relieve Discomfort, and when needed to Rebuild or Correct the Nail Shape.

  • Products and Brands used are manufactured specifically with the highest quality ingredients.

  • Training and Certifications to help clients with Chronic Health Conditions that normally prevent them from receiving regular pedicures or manicures of the Feet and Nails.

  • Utilize Specialized Products, Tools, and Equipment.

  • High Standards of Disinfection and Sanitation.

  • Prices for your service can only be truly assessed after I have made a visual inspection and determined the condition of the client's feet and or nails.

    • This is true for even a hard gel fill or a standard level 1 pedicure.

  • Posted Prices may change without notice.



Have Happy Beautiful Feet again!  

All Pedicures are Diabetic Safe and Utilize only the highest quality products.

Please Understand,
I will not compromise on the quality of my service.

All First Appointments (Advanced Pedicure)

New Pedicure Client $75.00 "NO EXCEPTIONS"

  • It is to my discretion what Level of Service a Client will require after an actual visual inspection of the condition of the feet.

  • The price will be discussed prior to the start of service, however, if complications are encountered please understand I cannot always predict what work is necessary.

  • Conditions for dry skin, cracking, fissures, callus buildup, seed corns and/or thicken toenail(s), or shredded rough skin.

  • Clients that maintain regular visits and do not require advanced work can drop to the Level 1 pedicure for maintenance in most cases.

  • If more than 2 months have passed since the last appointment with me I reserve the right to charge for any additional services or increase the Level of service.


Price Based on Condition & Work Required.


Clients need to follow treatment plans and use the products selected for their condition to ensure the best results.

At the time of booking please be upfront about the services you feel are needed. It is best to book a higher level of service and ensure enough time is provided.


Quoted Price at time appointment is made "is not guaranteed" until the condition of feet is visually seen & confirmed.
~ If the condition improves the level of pedicure may be reduced at my discretion.


Advanced Pedicure & Polish

Level 3   $75  First Visit or Advanced

Service requires Severe & Heavy callus work, excessively dry skin, nail thickness reduction.


Level 2   $65 

Service requires Heavy callus work, excessively dry skin, nail thickness reduction.

Level 1   $55

Service requires Normal callus work, dry skin


Addon Services: Range from $5 to $50.00

- Include Relaxology for Your Feet and Lower Leg $10.00

- Extend Foot Scrub and Massage to your legs too. $15.00

- Corn removal

- Callus reduction / treatments

- Heavy build-up removal

- Pincher nail correction

and more....


** Products used will provide amazing results to even the most severe dry or callused skin. Water content to the skin can increase to an unbelievable level of 87%.


Nail and Foot Care

Products provided at my nail salon are highly effective for improving various nail conditions.

  • To achieve maximum benefits I highly encourage clients to use them as part of a daily or weekly foot health routine.

  • Each product costs $24.00 and up, plus tax.


Nail Reconstruction Min $25 and up.

A Specially Formulated Gel for Nail Reconstruction is approved by the North American School of Podology for application directly to the bare nail bed.

- Its flexibility allows for normal daily wear like Swimming or walking or running.  Clients are talked through every step and I explain in detail what will be done and why. I take great pride that my clients feel comfortable.  1 hour

- A Pedicure must be performed prior to this service and may require antifungal treatment prior to application. Prep of the nail is crucial and may include the thinning of thickened nails and removal of any lifted and brittle nail beds. Nail beds must be completely dry prior to application.


Prevent or Correct Curvature, Pinching, Ingrowns $20 and up

Correct & Prevent Curvature of the Toe Nail

Stop Ingrown Nails and Pain: Helps reduce the curve of the nail as it grows.

Applied to the back part of the nail plate.  30-50 min
NOTE: - A level 1, 2, or 3 Pedicure must be performed prior to this service. Prep of the nail is crucial and may include the thinning of thickened nails and/or removal of lifted and brittle nail beds and use of an antifungal.

Nails Services:

Prices may increase or change without notice.

Nail Trimming of Hands-Only, $10.00


Men's Express Manicure $20 and up...

Express includes cuticle cleanup, 20 minutes 

Express Manicure & Polish $50

Express includes cuticle cleanup & Polish Change, 40 minutes 


Removal of any product,  “Not Applied by Me” $20
Acrylics & Gels Brands are not the same.
For removal, some brands are more difficult than others, or just don’t come off at all.
The price will be based on the time and work involved to remove the existing product.  30 min – 1 hour. 


Full Set Light Elegance Lexy Hard Gel Over Natural Nail $60 and up.

Strong, flexible, and long-wearing 1-2 hrs

Additional Length 1/8 increments is $2.50 per, set is (Additional $20 - and up, per set)

Gel Fill & Rebalance,  2/3wk  $60

1 hour, 30 minutes to 2 hours

Nail repair, $5.00-10.00


Soak Off Gel w/Service $10 

Soak-off gel color. Applied by me. 30 minutes 

** Removal of existing Product not applied by me $10.00 and up..



Gel French Style $15 and up. additional 30-45 min


Nail Repair $1 to $5 and up.

Repair a torn or split nail. 10-30 minutes 

- Many options are available for repairs.
- Silk, Fiber or Gel, or Fiber Gel can be used.


Airbrush Tanning $45 (room is currently closed for renovations)

Packages Available (2 sessions / $70, 3 sessions / $95, 4 sessions / $120)
Hypoallergenic and Free of Alcohols, Oils, & Scents!

A Sun-kissed glow that works well for very pale, or slightly tanned.
30-40 min. You may request to apply it yourself or ask for minimal assistance.

Your privacy is important to me.

Please, Call or Text if you Have Any Questions!